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How To Properly Winterize Your Driveway
Snow removal or snow clearance is the chore of clearing snow from roads, sidewalks and parking lots after a snow fall. This is normally done by municipalities and individual families and by private organizations. Snow clearance may also be required for certain public works projects like parks, museums, schools and bridges. In some cases, snow clearing can be done by government agencies and private companies on their own. In other cases, local governments and private snow removal companies may just hire individuals to clear the roads.

The process of snow removal begins long before the first flakes start to fall. The weather is first forecasted at least a day in advance, and the plows are put on standby to move through the snow-clogged streets and sidewalks to the designated routes. If necessary, plows are removed from the road to allow for better circulation of water to clear away any ice that may build up. This also allows for more time to prepare the sidewalks and stormrows for use after the snow has fallen.

After the snow removal process, the sidewalks and stormrobes need to be cleared of ice build-up. Stormrows need to be swept, and then either sidewalk mops or snow plows should be used to remove the accumulated snow. It is important to not scrape or chip the pavement because this can cause further damage. A small tool to remove ice is the flat-edge screwdriver, which has an Allen wrench to attach it to the fitting of the flat-edge shovel. It is important to remember not to scrape or chip the asphalt or concrete when using the flat-edge screwdriver.

Another important aspect of snow removal is the preparation of the driveway and its edge. For residential driveways, homeowners may choose to have the driveway cleared before the snow removal process begins. This allows the homeowner to get rid of the accumulation of snow on the driveways. For busy roads, horse-drawn car plows are often used to clear the roads. These vehicles are equipped with powerful heaters to melt the snow, as well as a brush to prevent snow from building up on the roads.

When the driveway has been cleared by a vehicle plowing machine, it may still need to be cleared by hand. If the snow has built up and is very thick, a tire chisel may be used to cut through the snow. A snow blower can be used in the final stages of the snow removal process if a full season of snow has fallen. Snow blowers are not only useful for removing the snow from only one side of the driveway, they are also useful for clearing large amounts of snow that has fallen on the entire driveway. Depending on the size of the snow pile, manual power washing may be required.

If the roads remain snow free after the initial snow removal efforts, they should be treated with anti-icing products. The anti-icing agents can be applied to all of the individual driveways, or just on the beginning surfaces that have been penetrated by the snow removal equipment. Anti-icing agents should be applied to prevent water from building up between the roads and the pavement. The most effective anti-icing products contain a compound called salt crystal. Salt crystal has proven to be an effective anti-icing agent, but it should never be used directly on the surface of your home.

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